I help children and teens open up and talk about their concerns and share their experiences safely.

Children & Teens

Adolescent brain growth is defined by four traits: novelty-seeking, social engagement, increased emotional intensity, and creative exploration. For some adolescents, the challenges to these areas can be overwhelming and highly confusing.

Children Ages 6-12

I love my work with children and their families. I know first hand the pressures that can start in elementary school. My office is a safe place where children can explore their emotions and develop skills to cope with them.

Therapy can serve as a comfortable space where kids can feel heard and understood. For our work together to be meaningful though, co-creating a clear vision of what they want their life to look like is crucial. My work is often focused on teaching emotion regulation as well as increasing their ability to navigate life in a healthy manner.

My ultimate goal is for children I work with to leave therapy feeling empowered, confident, and armed with the tools they need to create a life they love.

Teens and Young Adults

Teens are in a season of exploring who they are, what their values are, how to connect with others, and what brings them joy and fulfillment in life. These are positive, healthy, and normal developments, but oftentimes the outgrowth can cause conflict with family or lead to some concerning behaviors.

I specialize in working with teenagers who are in a highly conflictual relationship with their parents, feeling overwhelmed by the stress of a demanding workload at school, or facing difficult emotions triggered by social interaction.

A teen struggling with anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, an eating disorder, depression, low self-esteem, or other overwhelming life events, is one of the most challenging experiences a family can face. Problems in these areas can begin to have a negative impact on your teen’s school-work, friendships, confidence, and overall well-being. This is one of the most crucial times to seek outside help, and also a time when engaging in therapy can be most transformative.

While working with teens calls for an increased need for autonomy and trust, I believe in collaborating with school counselors or administrators in order to gain a full understanding of your child’s functioning and maximize the support they can receive in their school environment. Ideally, through therapy, teens are empowered to share openly with safe family members and friends.

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