My process includes comprehensive evaluations, personalized treatment, and continuity of support as you transition through life.


Health and well-being is a lifelong journey. I have dedicated my practice to support you through stages of growth and transition. I am interested in learning about your circumstances, habits and ambitions to better understand where there is opportunity for behavior change that moves you closer to a lifestyle you value.

Adult Counseling

“ You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” — Mae West.

As we walk our paths in life, sometimes we become stuck and unsure how to move forward with decisions and directions to take. It may be that unresolved memories and traumas are getting in the way, or you are faced with a life situation that seems bigger than you are.

Together we will explore past and present belief systems that may be preventing you from feeling more confident and free to express yourself. Drawing on a diverse number of multi-disciplinary techniques, I strive to help you move forward on your path and love your best life possible.

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